Gallery of Previous Events

Great Big Green Week

Our Fairtrade Cake Stall raised approximately £130.00 for the Fairtrade Foundation and Traidcraft Exchange. Our Climate Action Tree can now be found in All Saints Church, Pocklington. For details, and ideas on how to reduce your carbon footprint, please see our Future Events page.

Fairtrade Fortnight 2021 Virtual Fairtrade Coffee Morning with Chocolate Quiz and Film showing of “Guardians of the Rainforest” (See Fairtrade Foundation on YouTube)

This was hosted on Zoom on Saturday 6th March and was attended by 20 people, mostly local but also from as far afield as Aberdeen and Berkshire. Quiz winners received fairtrade chocolate prizes purchased from Fairer World in York. There was much discussion and sharing of information. This was the introduction to the event:

  • The Fairtrade Fortnight theme this year is “Choose the world you want,” with an emphasis on climate change.
  • Most people know that Fairtrade is about producers getting a guaranteed living wage.
  • They also know that it promotes decent working conditions and is against exploitation and child labour.
  • Many people also know that it gives communities a fairtrade premium which they can invest in community projects such as clean water, electricity supply, health care, children’s education, etc.
  • A lot of people don’t know that it promotes sustainability and so is a crucial element in tackling climate change. Fairtrade standards include:
    • Bans on deforestation
    • Commitment to reduce carbon footprints
    • Protections for biodiversity
    • Promotion of organic farming
  • Fairtrade producer networks provide training and support to farmers to help them develop more sustainable farming techniques. This is often vital to enable them to stay in business.
  • This means that the more fairtrade items we buy the more we are supporting action against climate change.
  • This is the good side. Sadly
    • Not enough produce is sold under the fairtrade label. Even fairtrade co-operatives often cannot sell 100% of their produce fairtrade because there isn’t the market for it. Big business and shareholder profit still has a stranglehold on the market.
    • Many producers have been forced to abandon their farms because they have been unable to withstand the devastating effects of climate change.
    • Not enough is being done globally to address climate change.

Things we can do:

  • Continue to shop ethically and promote fairtrade
    • And be curious. When we buy a product ask or look for information: do the producers and suppliers receive a living wage; can they guarantee no child labour is involved in production; what are the farming methods?
    • Get our children and grandchildren interested. Some of them are the business leaders, politicians and farmers of the future.
  • Consider our own carbon footprints. Lockdown has given us a golden opportunity to look at our lifestyles and think about what we could or should change. These are some of the questions I’m sure we have all been asking ourselves:
    • Could we buy more organic food? (The market for this has increased already.)
    • Could we eat less meat and dairy?
    • Could we waste less food?
    • Could we continue to travel less and fly less even when we are allowed to?
    • Could we recycle more and use more recycled products?
    • Could we use less plastic?
    • Could we buy products that use less packaging?
    • What else?
  • Sign petitions, write to politicians and join campaign groups.

Sometimes the lack of progress can be disheartening, but we should be encouraged by how much the fairtrade movement has grown in the last few decades. There are now over 6,000 products that bear the fairtrade mark, from coffee, chocolate and tea to flowers, clothes and gold.


Fairtrade Coffee Morning with Quiz and Stalls, Tuesday 18th February 2020 at All Saints’ Church Pocklington

Many thanks to everyone who helped towards this event in any way, and everyone who came to support it. The Fairtrade stall supplied by Fairer World in Gillygate, York, sold nearly £290 of goods, and the coffee and fairtrade cakes raised £177.55 for Fairtrade.

The quiz was won by Shelagh Jones, who has received a Fairtrade hamper. The questions and answers are now displayed in the church.


















Fairtrade Yorkshire’s Celebration of The Fairtrade Foundation’s 25th Anniversary, held in Trinity Square, Hull, 5th October 2019

Three of our members attended this cheerful event. More than 150 volunteers wearing black, blue or green hats and tops gathered in the square and formed up to make the Foundation’s Fairtrade emblem which was photographed from the air. Have a look at Fairtrade Yorkshire’s website to see some pictures. Below are some of our own pictures.


FLAG 10 year anniversary event July 2019

An evening celebration was held on Saturday, 27th July to mark 10 years of Pocklington being a Fairtrade Town.
Over forty people attended the event held at the Pocklington Christian Fellowship Church.
Mark Dawson, Chair of the Fairtrade Foundation National Campaigner Committee, gave an interesting and enlightening talk, sparking a lively question and answer session.
This was followed by an excellent two-course meal prepared by committee members using a wide variety of Fairtrade ingredients. Complimentary Fairtrade wines, juice, hot beverages and chocolates were served and enjoyed by all.
Afterwards there was a fun quiz with prizes for the six tied winners!

Members of the FLAG committee with our speaker Mark Dawson (2nd from left)

Celebration Fairtrade cakes

Our guests for the meal

Fairtrade Fortnight 2019: Mothers’ Day stall and raffle

Christmas Tombola 2018

Christmas Stalls 2018: Mulled Wine and Mince Pies

Fairtrade Fortnight 2018 : Toast and Toppings

Fairtrade Fortnight 2017: Coffee morning at All Saints

Fairtrade Cake Stall on Pocklington High Street: 2nd June 2018

Fairtrade Chocolate Tasting at the Pocklington Christian Fellowship: October 2017

Catherine’s monthly Traidcraft stall at SS Mary and Joseph, Pocklington.

Fairtrade Chocolate Tombola at Pocklington’s Festival of Christmas: December 2016 and 2017