Future Events

Our Climate Action Tree

Following our Great Big Green Week event, our Climate Action Tree is now in All Saints Church, Pocklington. We invite you to choose an action that will reduce your own carbon footprint. If you are in the church, make a pledge by writing your action on a leaf and hanging it on the tree. We have made a list of 25 ideas, but you could choose one of your own.

  1. Buy Fairtrade products when possible
  2. Buy a greater proportion of organic food (the market for this has increased already)
  3. Eat less meat and dairy
  4. Plan grocery shopping carefully to avoid waste
  5. Eat local fresh produce in season
  6. Start a compost heap
  7. Use a bamboo toothbrush
  8. Turn off the tap when brushing teeth
  9. Buy recycled or bamboo toilet paper
  10. Wipe up spills with a washable cloth instead of kitchen paper
  11. Store left-overs in a pot with a lid instead of using plastic cling-film or buy eco-friendly film (e.g. Fearn)
  12. Take a re-usable cup when buying take-away hot drinks
  13. Use eco-friendly detergents
  14. Buy products that use less packaging and recycle when possible
  15. Shop locally when you can, maybe with a  shopping trolley
  16. Walk or cycle instead of using the car for short journeys
  17. Use public transport when appropriate
  18. Reduce travel, particularly by plane
  19. Make sure your home is properly insulated
  20. Subscribe to a green energy supplier
  21. Boil only the amount of water needed when making a hot drink etc.
  22. Turn off lights and appliances when not in use
  23. Put on another jumper instead of turning up the heating
  24. “Make do and mend”
  25. Check ethics of clothing companies before purchasing

Or pledge another climate action of your choice.

Regular Fairtrade Stall at All Saints’ coffee morning, 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month

We are now running a regular fairtrade stall at All Saints’ coffee morning on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month, 10.00-11.30am, selling food, cards and some craft items. We are not, however, able to offer a full range, so invite people to order missing items. Price lists from Fairer World and Traidcraft Catalogues will be available.

We are also now resuming the following stalls:

Pocklington Methodist Church Coffee Morning on the 2nd Friday in the month, 10am-11.30am

All Saints Church during coffee time following Sunday morning service, 3rd Sunday in the month

Buying Fairtrade enables farmers and producers in the developing world to be rewarded by a fair price and decent conditions for their labours. It also helps producers to combat the effects of climate change.

Please support these stalls if you can!

If you are not able to visit our stalls, there are alternative ways to buy fairtrade goods. Many producers in developing countries have been hit particularly hard by the pandemic and need your support more than ever.

Many everyday items like fairtrade tea, coffee, chocolate, bananas and wine are available in our local shops in Pocklington, and a wider variety of fairtrade goods can be bought from the Fairer World shop in York. Although they have not yet been able to open, they are taking orders via email and will deliver. Their email address is fairerwrld@aol.com. They also have a website: http://www.fairerworldyork.co.uk. Details of products and prices can be found under ‘Deliveries’ in the ‘Products and Services’ section. They will also order from Traidcraft for you, and supply the current Traidcraft Catalogue.

A quote from the Traidcraft website:

Traidcraft are passionate about trade, social and environmental justice. We’re the original fair trade pioneers in the UK, and advocate the importance of organic farming, sustainability, and transparency to the lives of growers and artisans around the world. And we’re not stopping there.

We are saving vanishing traditional skills from extinction, and celebrating a world of creativity and culture through quality fair trade products. We offer sustainable fashion, home and garden goods and handmade, ethical, fair trade gifts.  Our sustainable range of future-proof groceries also includes a Great Taste Award winning range of Fairtrade tea, organic coffee, organic chocolate and even a delicious range of vegan chocolate.